Attorney Profile

Terry Watkins is an attorney dedicated to providing high quality legal services to clients throughout Minnesota, primarily in the areas of criminal, family, and bankruptcy law. His background as a lawyer, an Army Officer, a teacher, a farmer, and a C.P.A. gives him a unique perspective on problem-solving. This experience allows him to recognize options, create strategies, and achieve the right outcomes. 

Legal problems can be complicated and working with the Court system can be quite intimidating. Terry knows that. He will be there with you, supporting and guiding you every step of the way, making sure you understand the process, and helping you to be comfortable. Whatever your situation, he will protect your rights.  He will handle every aspect of your case personally and be available to answer your questions whenever they arise. He will accommodate your needs and your schedule, with an individualized focus on positive goals that work for you.

Terry also understands the financial burden that legal problems can create.  Legal problems do not only occur when it is financially convenient. As such, Terry will work with you to solve your legal problems efficiently and effectively, reaching a desired resolution while limiting the high cost of litigation.